In this article we look at 5 of the cheapest places to purchase real estate in Seattle.

High Point 

High Point, Seattle is the cheapest neighborhood to live in in Seattle. The low property value is largely due to the neighborhood’s past history of a high crime rate; however, the district has made incredible gains to reduce this rate and restore the community to its previous thriving, diverse aesthetic. Over the past decade, this neighborhood has gone through major redevelopment initiatives in an attempt to make High Point a safer, more attractive place to live, and it’s been overall highly successful. The city strategically matches housing with buyers in order to maintain a diverse spectrum of races, classes, and ages to create a living community that is quite literally for everyone, yet still extremely affordable. 

Industrial District 

Seattle’s Industrial District is likely home to low-income housing because of the land it’s built on. This neighborhood was built on what was once mudflats and landfills, meaning that the land is extremely unsteady and existing property is often damaged by floods and earthquakes. However, it’s also home to the Starbucks World Headquarters, and residents say that the community is friendly and sociable, and that there are a variety of entertainment opportunities within the district. 

Madison Valley 

Madison Valley is the third cheapest place to live in Seattle. Affectionately nicknamed “Little France” for its multitude of French-themed restaurants, this neighborhood offers a quaint small town feel while still being a decent distance from downtown. Neighbors are often close with one another, and shop owners and waiters often greet customers by name. It features an interesting and often eclectic combination of buildings in various styles, and you can find affordable housing in the form of homes, condos, apartments, and duplexes. Members of this community also enjoy a pretty view of Lake Washington, and only a short commute to the many parks that border the lakeside. 

Mount Baker 

Mount Baker is a great neighborhood for those looking for lakeside access and up-close experiences with nature. It’s also located about 20 minutes from downtown, allowing for relatively quick access while still being far enough out to allow people to enjoy their relative privacy and quiet. Although containing primarily older homes and considered to be relatively upscale, this neighborhood’s cost of living is lower because of its higher than average crime rate. There also isn’t as much to do around here, with little access to shops and restaurants in comparison to the other neighborhoods. 


Belltown is located in the central part of downtown Seattle, and it ranks 5th on the cheapest districts to live in within this city. However, this neighborhood is full to bursting with nightlife, local restaurants, and little artsy shops. It’s also described as being highly walkable, with good pedestrian access and residential spaces that are near to the commercial scene. It’s also the most densely populated neighborhood in Seattle, so you won’t have much space or privacy. Residents of Belltown enjoy waterfront views and beautiful condos and apartments. However, if you’re looking to own a house with a yard, this may not be the best neighborhood for you.