Car number plates

Are you thinking of purchasing a private number plate? Do you know some number plates allow you to hide the age of the vehicle? Some people also use such number plates to display their interests, hobbies, and many more. If you are passionate about your vehicle it can be a good investment. Give this article a read and know everything about owning such plates and why should you choose us to for the same.

What are private plates?

Private number plates are the same as regular number plates but you can personalise them in different ways.

Through such customised plates, people can make their vehicle more personal to them as it provides a sense of achievement and stands out of the crowd. All vehicles have number plates but very few of them have personalised number plates that make such plates different.

What are some rules of private number plates?


You can allow border, text, flag, and some other elements to make your number plate look astonishing. However, you need to display a GB sticker if you wish to display any of the following flags especially you are driving your vehicle abroad.

  • Union Jack Flag
  • Cross of St George (English Flag)
  • Red Dragon of Wales
  • Cross of St Andrew (Scottish Flag)


You cannot use different colored text or italics on your plate but you can add 3D text to make it interesting.


You can put a sleek border on your number plate as long as it won’t disturb the characters and numbers on the reg plate.

What is the cost of private plates?

Purchasing a private number plate can be a costly affair but it could be an investment. The cost of a private plate number can be anything from a hundred-pound forwards. However, if you wish to purchase one such number plate from another owner it would be costlier than the new ones.

The final purchase price depends on some of the following points:

Where is the number plate coming from?

From whom it is coming?

How long it has been on the market?

What is the demand for similar number plates?

If your vehicle is registered in the UK mainland you will be entitled to own a private number plate. Sometimes you can get a private number at an affordable price if you opt for one that has been issued by the Government. On the other hand, if you customize something that is short in supply but more in demand it would cost more.

What is the connection between private plates and insurance?

Insurance companies don’t entertain many modifications, sometimes insurers might invalidate your policy for making such modifications.

But since private number plate does not consider a physical modification it won’t affect your insurance policy and amount. Sometimes they might cross-question you if they find too much modification, from the context of stolen cars and security issues. As long as you are abiding by all the rules regarding owning a private plate you are safe!

Why purchase private number plates from us?

We provide a wide range of user-friendly searching facility that allows you to browse a huge private number plates with absolute ease. We have the perfect registration for you to buy your preferred number plate, just search with your preferred term and you will be presented a plethora of plates from which you can easily choose.

If you are having trouble choosing what number plate would be most suitable for your need don’t hesitate to give us a call. A friendly staff member would assist you through your options and can also arrange delivery of your chosen registration before you know it!