midnight party for best friend

That fellow mate in your life who has been there by your side through each step and hurdle, be it clearing and preparing for exams or proposing to the girl or boy of your dreams, is your best friend. It’s not often that we remember to praise or appreciate this person in our life who has handled the boat of our being more carefully than we know. There comes an age when this person has more decision-making than our parents, and their reviews and suggestions are all that matters. Be it stopping each other from smoking or using each other to study harder, we have all been there for our best friends and fought through the flicks and picks. A best friend is your soulmate and nothing like love, at first sight, works in this senior. It’s always a bunch of quarrels and miscommunications that later lead to an unbreakable friendship. Reading all this, you definitely came across a face that kept flashing in front of your eyes, and that is your best friend. Today we are here to help you make this inevitable bond even stronger by giving you some tips on how to make their upcoming birthday the best they ever had, quite literally. You know how you always say may you have the happiest birthday ever; well, this time, let’s make it happen.

  • Midnight cake

A midnight online cake order in Guwahati for your best friend’s birthday is the thing that decides the intensity of crazy the night has to offer. Like a vanilla cake says, let’s watch a movie and sleep, but a pinata cake says let’s smash the night like this cake. A fondant, photo, or tsunami cake is also up for grabs; pick the one craziest for you.

  • The no party, fake out

Your best friend is at the least expecting you if no else and the surprise would be the most dramatic if he or she knows that you are the one who is not coming or throwing a party. The play is to be done no matter how hurtful so that it is funniest when the truth breaks out. Reach to his or her place and hide in a different room and come out at 12.

  • Present equal to the age number

Make a pact and bring all your friends to contribute to this one. Make a list of all the things your friend needs, make accurate guesses, and buy it all. Make a basket putting all the items in it, and decorate it nicely. Do add one or two customised presents to make it more personal and heartwarming.

  • Birthday pops and decoration

Decorate the room for the party, be it the bedroom of your friend or the hotel room for a crazy bash. Have birthday pops and bombs ready to burst, balloons that say happy birthday, a champagne balloon, presents on the bed, light music, and songs.

  • Anonymous prank calls

If your friend lives away, it is most convenient to do, keep making prank calls to him or her and talk about things they have no idea about. And they are most likely to keep calling you to tell you about the prank call they just received.

  • A pub party

After having to spend the largest time at home in 2020, if you are more inclined towards a party in a pub or a club, go right ahead and take all your decorations and cake, and gifts to the place.

Theme party decorations, costume parties, sneak out with friends and love, road trips are also on the table. When it’s about making your best friend feel pampered, nothing is off-limits.